Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraPrice:195,000
Paid: 32,000

Lamborghini Reventon:Price:2,100,000
Paid: 98,000
Sold: 670,000

Bugatti Veyron:Price: 1,400,000
Paid: 161,762
Sold: 500,000

Audi R8 5.2 Quattro:Price: 149,000
Paid: 30,000
Sold: 120,000

Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR:Price: 105,000
Paid: 40,000
Sold: Not sold

Ferrari 430 Scuderia:Price: 270,000
Paid: 120,000
Sold: Not sold

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari:Price: 1,300,000
Paid: 300,000
Sold: 714,285

Ford Shelby GT500:Price: 50,000
Paid: 12,000
Sold: 45,000

Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG BS:Price: 290,000
Paid: 49,000
Sold: Never Sold

Nissan GT-R SpecV:Price: 150,000
Paid: 30,000
Sold: 140,000 (did this 3 times)

Porsche Carrera GT:Price: 340,000
Paid: 120,000
Sold: 289,000

Saleen S7:Price: 320,000
Paid: 267,000
Sold: 310,000

This is only a few of my GOOD experiences. So many times have I lost so much money, because it froze when I tried to receive credits. I think I have lost over 400,000 because of freezing, but you take the risk, and its worth it. This is only a recent list with my favorite cars. If I continued with every car, I would be here for about 8 hours. Seriously. Well, now you ask yourself, how did I do it? Well, you could go to my other blog about how to make CR, but I will add some examples here:

1. Never pay full. Go to the auction house to see if your car you want is there for lower than the Dealership. Why not help out a fellow player anyway?

2. When going for a bid, never pay for an upgraded car worth over the MSRP. It may seem like a good deal, but really, those guys are basing off what the car is actually worth. You would be better off upgrading it yourself, especially with Man. discounts.

3. Bid wars, bid wars, bid wars. If you really want a car, the A button will get you there faster than an R2 Bugatti. Simply jam the A button during the last minute or so, but beware, dont report the auction!

4. Sometimes you will bid on something, someone else bids on it, then you dont have enough to counter-bid. Lets say you bid 36,000, the other guy bids 38,000, but you only have 3,000 left in your bank. Just receive those credits, then re-bid, and you might just have enough to win it.

5. If you are the one selling and you dont want to upgrade your car, just do the following to get it hot! A. Place aftermarket rims on it, paint them. B. Tint the windows. C. If you can, body kits look nice. D. Put some nice liveries on it, or do a custom paint. E. If you buy any upgrades, buy the suspension upgrade and lower your car as much as possible. It looks a lot more sporty.

6. Before you put your car on the auction, check out the same model on there first. See if its a hot potato, or a cold egg. Sometimes, the car is just not wanted then. You have to follow the trend.

7. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER: Buy a car for MSRP and try selling it on the AH. You will NEVER get that amount for it unless you are an amazing painter/tuner. Buy low, sell high.

8. There is only one exception to rule #7. If its the DLC cars, you WILL get more than you paid MSRP even. Just always be careful and use common sense, otherwise, people will get steals.

This is just some of my ideas and experiences. Please share yours, and I will add them to this blog.