Some people have so much CR. Many wonder if they glitch, or just maybe good racers, painters, etc.. During this blog, Saltine713 will tell you exactly how it is done (even though he doesn’t follow his own advice!)!

So, how is it done? Well there are some very easy steps, many which you already know, some of which I do and do not use, to get a lot of CR quick!

1. Well, some say keep those new level prize cars, but I saw, AUCTION HOUSE! Although they may help you in career, I found that people for some reason, are so desperate for these cars, so they don’t have to wait to unlock them. The Bugatti and the Reventon are huge hits. Find them cheap in the AH, the sell them for big!

2. If you use the AH, try upgrading your car. First, look at what cars are hot, what are not. Then just upgrade to whatever class you think will appeal to others. Slap a nice livery on, and even change the rims and darken the windows. I found that for what I put into the car, I got three-fold back!

3. Whatever you are not using, why have it take up space? Especially with the new DLC pack coming out, you want more CR right? Well, maybe if you just did some minor upgrading, you would be swimming (or driving) in CR!

4. There are always new trends coming out. When DCJake put up his Ken Block replica, the masses wanted a Subaru with the tune and livery. I always try to make friends with a couple of painters, and tuners. I pay them alot for their designs, tunes, unlocked, them sell them, and make more than they do, but always ask them first, and pay much more than what they were selling it for. If they are selling it for 10K, I would pay 300K, etc.., just to make it fair. If they gift it to me, how is that unfair?

5. Make sure you have the LCE Edition, so you can sell those cars, and so that your auctions appear at the top. Try setting it for just 2 hours, the shorter the time, the closer to the top it is. I usually do a 12 hour, so when I wake up, its not already ended just sitting their.

6. Make sure you get a profit. If you are good at what you do, never do it for less than what it took you to get there. If you put 50,000 into a 100,000 car, make sure you get AT LEAST that. I know its obvious, but I get steals from guys putting Lambos at 13,000.

7. BID WARS!! Make sure you have a good connection for bid wars. If you don’t, you are easily beaten. I tend to bid on cars at the last possible second, so no one can bid on me. It works!

8. Never buy a car from the Dealership and put it on the AH. Usually, you will not get profit. Any car you buy, check the AH for it first.

9. Storefront: Put up some nice tunes, vinyls, or designs. What always works for me is that when I put up a design or tune, I will also do a video or photo of that tune or paint, so that the buyers can see firsthand what they are buying.

This is just the beginning. You will learn from me and from trial and error. Speaking of which, I just made 2.1 mil right now from auctions! Sweet! I will update this blog with new tips as I think of more. **I feel like I’m Jim Cramer of Mad Money!