I have had good and bad experiences with this hired driver feature on here. In FM2, you could choose who you wanted, and how much he earned. The more he got payed, the more likely he won. In FM3, you can only choose one driver, Mr. X, and he gets 50% of your earnings. However, he is a very good driver to take 50% from you! He is good, but he uses assists! He also can damage your car from time to time, not to mention go off track, pit other cars, flip over, drive backwards (yes, it’s happened to me!), and get into a heap of trouble with the other racers. In this blog, I will tell you how to utilize this function to get as much profit (and fun) as possible!

1. Got work or something to do like eat? Hire him for a long race. Just go to the Events List, choose an endurance race, and go have fun! There is only one problem with hired drivers and endurance races: The controller will fall asleep if you dont wiggle it every so often, pausing the game. Make sure to check it every so often.

2. Don’t use him for simple races. It is not worth putting him in if you only get 4,000 out of it. The smaller races yield less money, so I always use him for like R1 races or things.

3. Sometimes, like on races with heats, it can get a little annoying to keep having to go back and forth every two minutes to start a new race. Like above, don’t use him for that. He doesn’t like it either.

4. Always tune your car to the highest class it can go to for that race. He is a good driver, but very conservative, and will not rush ahead unless your car is very well tuned.

5. For some reason, he can get very nasty, especially on New York. Whenever I watch him race on that track, he is always taking the outside turn, pitting the other drivers against the wall, sometimes flipping them. He is also flipped alot, especially in heavier cars, like the GT-R.

6. Never put damage on when he is racing, unless you want it to cost ya! He usually crashes into others, or walls, leaving a hefty bill behind. I think he should take it from his own salary, not me!

This is all I have right now. Its hard thinking of new blogs. I try to make them about money, so the new members can rack them up. I am running out of ideas! If you have an idea, please leave a comment below!