Prius: Why it sucks:

Gasoline engines CAN get better MPG. It is small. It has an under-performing gasoline and electric engine. Sub-standard technology for 2010-2011. Limited options and features. Goes off cliffs and had a mind of its own.

Why I like it:  The Other guys drive it.

This tech is so old by now, you would think Toyota could produce something actually worth taking money and putting it in their cookie jar. I don’t understand why they are still using the same platform when you have other companies like Fisker experimenting and producing high-performance and luxury cars. I see it as Toyota says that “We are happy with our tech the way it is, staying inside un-progressivetechniques and systems, while companies with less resources and funding bring hybrids to where they should be.”

Basically, Toyota is staying inside they backyard fence, afraid of the bully across the street, afraid of being beat if they try to compete and upgrade. What Toyota should be doing is putting funding into new systems and materials, rather than trying to improve a poor-designed Hybrid system. Gasoline engines can still get better MPG than the Prius, and offer much more. Like mentioned before, Fisker is doing a great job taking the initiative of exploring uncharted territory.