Camaro: You hear that word, and you think of a half-decade of performance. This Camaro is no different.

Interior: Plastic,……..plastic, and wait, did I mention PLASTIC?! I would like to see some sort of other material, maybe some metals. The steering wheel is somewhat comfortable. The dashboard gauge cluster is very nice, but only the speedometer and tachometer are really looked at. The rest of the gauges can be found in the lower center console. That is another horrible part of the interior, the center gauges. They are very hard to read, especially in direct sunlight.

The buttons are also awful. Whoever designed this interior had toothpicks for fingers. The buttons are so close together, plus the size of them. The windows are also pretty bad. The windshield is easy to see out of if you are 5’10” or under. The side windows and rear windows are even worse.

Exterior: I love the exterior of the car. Maybe may not make up for the interior, but sure does make it great! My favorite part of the exterior has to be the headlights and running lights. The running lights surround the headlights and make the car look really mean. I have no complaints with the exterior.

Hardware: The hardware of the car is also sound (metaphorically and literally). Great sound system, great A/C and heat. Radio has so-so reception, I use XM or Sirius. The transmission is also really great, although I have seen better.

Powertrain: With that meaty engine from the same guys bringing the ZR1, you can bet you get a great engine. You get a 6.2 Liter V8 pumping out 426 HP and 420 ft/lb. of torque directed by a great 6-speed. MPG is 16/24 city/highway. And that will be less if you press the fun pedal more towards the pavement. The exhaust note is great, the performance is great. No complains here.

Overall: To give this car from 1-10, I would give it a 7. Really great, but the interior (where you are most of the time) is just so lacking. Chevy really needs to work on interiors for their sports cars. 8 if the interior was better.