Dodge Challenger: Big and bulky. However, that Hemi V8 sure doesn’t disappoint.

Interior: Possibly the most bland interior around. All-black plastic.

Black and bland. Really nice job for a company wanting more money!

The gauges are very easy to read, which I have to give it that. The buttons and their layout are better than the Camaro, but not by much. Although most people want performance, and real men don’t care about interiors.

The visibility is much better than the Camaro. You can actually see out of the rear window. However, the love stops there. With such horrible materials in this car, I am wondering if the interior will melt in the hot sun.

Exterior: The exterior is much better than the interior. Nothing special, but the hood and paint scheme really work

Nothing special, but the hood and paint scheme really work well

well. The hood seems very aggressive, along with it making the car’s shape more pleasant to look at. The headlights could be brighter, and the running lights do have an odd placement, but the car still looks great.

Hardware: Pretty well-built machine. Minor gripes with the controls, but not hard to get used to. A/C and heat can really blow you away, and the windows roll smoothly. The mirrors are a little annoying, and some pieces feel flimsy, but this car is sturdy.

Powertrain: Powered by a 6.1 Liter V8 Hemi, pumping out 426 HP and 420 Ft/lb. of torque @4,800 RPM, this

Definitely not like they used to make them

hefty baby can swing with the big boys. Power is transferred via a 5-speed Automatic (standard!), to the meaty rear wheels.

Overall: 1-10, I give this car a solid 6.5. Very similar to the Camaro, but I would rather choose the Camaro due to it’s better exterior style and performance. Let this car onto the Jenny Craig program, then I might give it a 7. Materials are awful in the interior, and the weight doesn’t help.