Did someone say “pony”? I only saw a stallion!

Interior: Even though this is my favorite car of the Chevy, Dodge and Ford cars, it still is the best, especially with interior. You can actually change the interior colors when buying the car, and by default it matches the exterior color.

Materials other than black plastic! Nice touch!

The stitching of the seats also matches the racing stripe you have, although it can be changed. MyColor is also very nice in this car. It has the option to change the color of the dash lights, along  with some lighting effects below your feet.

The seats are also very comfortable and support the occupant well. The dash isn’t all plastic, it has some brushed aluminum on it, along with the controls very easy to use. With the 2010 and 2011 models, you now can get that screen you see. It has the options of a navigation device, radio, and much more. Basically like a media remote at home. You can also see out of the windows with ease.

Exterior: Very nice exterior. Lovely styling. Very curvaceous and flowing. I really like the exterior of the car. I can’t find one flaw with the exterior. I would recommend the spoiler-delete option, as it looks cheap and is not active. The running lights have an odd placement, but other than that, it is great! The headlights are bright and have a long cutoff distance.

Hardware: Nothing bad to say here. Although there were some complaints that at idle, the interior lights dim and sometimes any device charging may stop, that is a common issue. It is just the alternator, which is not receiving enough power at idle. A/C and heat work great. The noise insulation works great for road noise, but it does little for the beast 1 foot away from your sneakers.

Powertrain: Power comes from a 5.0L Ti-VCT V-8 Engine. That is right! A true 5.0 is back! You can run it at regular fuel if needed, premium recommended.

Ah, the awesomeness of a true 5.0!

Regular Fuel: 402 @ 6.500, Premium Fuel: 412 @ 6,500; Regular Fuel: 377@4250, Premium Fuel: 390 @ 4,250 HP/Torque. 17/26 MPG for the 6-speed, while 18/25 for the auto. With the 2011, you now  get an ALL-ALUMINUM engine block!

Overall: To give this car from 1-10, I would give it a solid 8.7. 8.7? Kind of an odd number right? Well, I cannot find any flaws with this car, so it would be a 9. But, the weight of the car doesn’t help it, still feels like driving a boat around, so that is why it deserves more than a 8.5. Its bigger brother, the Shelby GT500, wwill probably be getting around a 9.5.