The Mustang GT’s big brother

When you sit in this car, you are sitting in a beefed-up and more pricey version of the Mustang V8 GT. Is there a big difference? YES! Not only from the power, but SVT really makes it easy to notice that you “ponied” up at least $46,000 for this machine. The hoodscoop is functional, the rear-wing looks like a park-bench compared to the GT, and you have to notice the new ponies in the stable up front. (I had to compare it like that, the name is MUSTANG!)

Interior: The GT500 has a very similar interior to the GT. Same features like SYNC, MyColor, etc… The materials are

Not much different from the GT, but has nice badges.

of higher quality, such as leather and GT500 badges. Other than that, there are no color-coded options like that in the GT, such as stitching and other colors. Still, not a huge leap from GT to GT500.

Exterior: The exterior has some major changes compared to the GT, but a person who does not know about cars would not notice them.

Re-worked lights and new bodywork is well-welcomed

Features like larger spoiler, re-worked lights, both running and headlights. Some body panels have also been moved around, such as the front and rear bumpers. You also get larger SVT wheels and tires. The hoodscoop is functional, sucking out the heat from the engine, although I liked the forced induction hood of the GT500KR.

Hardware: The clutch is the only problem with this car. It is pretty heavy, along with the 6-speed. Definitely not for women. The SVT suspension upgrade is very nice, although the Live-Axle is still a pain among most. The Live-Axle means that the two rear wheels are not independent, so the road may be a little more bumpy. Nothing else wrong here.

Look at this power!

Powertrain: Power comes from a  all-aluminum Supercharged 5.4 Liter V8, pumping out 540 HP with 510 lb/ft of torque, using premium fuel. With the exception of the heavy clutch and gearbox, the power is silky-smooth.

Overall: Like it’s “little” brother, the GT500 does have some weight issues, and the clutch and gearbox are stiff. But, it makes up for it in awesome styling and superb performance. If SVT offered a weight reduction option along with it’s wheels, tires, and upgraded suspension from the GT, I would give this car a 9.5. But, sadly they do not. So, this pony gets a respectable 9.3. So close, yet .2 away from that glorious .5.