America’s Iconic Supercar, but with a steering wheel from the Cobalt. Nice!

When you buy a car like this, you are proud to know that it has that 26th letter of the alphabet on it, Z. Accompanying it are it’s two friends, the 0, and the 6. This makes it the 2011 Chevy Corvette Zo6. This car is not for those who want plush interiors, but for those who wish to have the budget supercar.

Ehhh, I have seen better.

Interior: Not exactly known for its interior, the Z06 lives up to its expectations: none. Sure, you can customize it however you like, but the stock interior, especially on the ZR1, is anything but nice. The materials: all plastic.

The seats are very firm, and but they do support pretty well. However, the Z06 starts at 76K. I would like to see more options and better interiors. But hey, it’s Chevy, what did you expect?

At least the buttons are easy to use, and everything has a nice place to it. If you get the T-top or convertible, try not to be too tall. But you do not need a windscreen as the seats are level with the body. The wind noise is very limited with the top off.

Very nice styling, although some do not like the new headlights.

Exterior: Like all Chevy’s, the exterior is better to look at. I like the exterior a lot more. Some may say that they do not like the new headlights from the old late ’90’s headlights, with them being “flush” to the car. I think it is more sleek. Also, some may complain that they see too many red Vettes driving around: I agree.

Studies have shown that red cars get pulled over more than any other color. But that isn’t the point. But back to the interior. Very nice, no problems here.

Hardware: The radio can be a bit staticky, and the A/C can take a while to cool down on a hot day. The 6-speed is a little tough at times going from 2nd-3rd. Nothing else to report here.

Definitely not scrimping on the power!

Powertrain: Powered by a LS7 7.0 Liter V8, pumping out 505 HP and 480 lb/ft of torque, this car is no slouch. Chevy had to specifically design and rework the Traction Control System (TCS) to handle this power. The power is transferred to a 6-speed manual. Fuel Economy is rated 15/24, city/highway.

Overall: To give this car a solid 9.0 would be acceptable. The car just has the basics in it. Although there are a couple of problems with some hardware, I still think that a $76K car like this, that can run with exotics, is worthy of this mark. I would give it a 9.8 if the interior was better.