Hybrids: When you hear that word, you think of slow, ugly cars like the Toyota Prius. However, this is not always the case. Manufacturers like Fisker and Porsche are really taking a giant leap forward with a luxury-exotic sports car that is a hybrid. Other manufacturers are getting great MPG’s from gas alone, like the new Morgan Eva GT. But how?Well, let’s look at the Prius.

Why would anyone want one?

It is has no performance at all, looks ugly, and isn’t exclusive. You look at the Fisker Karma, and you see Maserati-type styling and superior performance to high-end cars, along with great hybrid tech. How is this possible? Well, Fisker has been at this for several years, waiting to get it right before pumping out cars to people on the streets. While Toyota has cars that won’t stop due to errors, Fisker doesn’t stop until the job is done, RIGHT.

Fisker Karma: NICE!!!

I really don’t care for a hybrid car, but when looking at the Fisker Karma, I question myself. It would be a pretty cool car to own. Then you have the Porsche 918 Hybrid. When I first heard Porsche was making a hybrid, I kind of grew away from them. But then I saw the 918, and I was amazed. Supercar performance from Porsche, along with a hybrid system, you can’t go wrong.

Porsche 918: Even nicer!

The you have the Morgan Eva GT. This car was recently revealed at the Pebble Beach event. Morgan has now shifted to using 100% Aluminum-made cars. This makes the car extremely strong and rigid, but very lightweight. This car can go 0-60 in under 4 seconds, yet still get around 40-45 MPG.

Morgan Eva GT: Star Trek has come back?

So, the question is: Would you want a nice and high-performance hybrid? Or would you stick with high MPG and high-performance from a gas-only engine?

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