It’s quite something being given an opportunity to write about cars at any level and, in doing so, being able to share it with others. When presented with this opportunity, I immediately jumped at the chance. The problem, however, became how I would contribute to this nicely organized site.

I don’t have a ton of experience driving multitudes of cars, so reviewing  wasn’t the best place for me to start my journey here. I own a current gen Mazda 6 and a Jeep Cherokee Sport. Not the most exciting vehicles on the road, I’m aware. That Mazda 6 is the large sedan segment’s best-kept secret, I might add.

I’ve always known the reasons i’m so car-crazy. When I was a year old, I was given my first matchbox car…a Datsun 240z, metallic purple and well-made, adorned with opening doors.  I was hooked. I still remember being given that car, and everything about that moment in time, as young as I was.

Growing into adolescence, my room was decked out in the usual supercar fare: Ferrari 288 GTO, Testarossa, F40, and my piece de resistance: an 8ft poster of the one and only Lamborghini Countach. Being surrounded by some of Italy’s finest in hand-crafted supercars was simply awesome.

Once I was of driving age, taking the car to its limit just didn’t feel dangerous—it was freeing. (Of course, at the expense of someone else’s car most times.)  Riding along with friends in a souped-up Chevelle, or a Pontiac Tempest with Nitrous and 1000+ horsepower, so nasty that sideways felt normal – that’s what cars became to me. They were like canvases, some highly painted and waiting for you to drool over them, others fresh with gesso, waiting for you to place your brushes over their tops.

What I don’t know and haven ‘t seen much of here is interaction within the comments. I’d love to help change that as I begin writing here. So if you’re car-crazy like me, what sparked it  and what keeps you coming back for more?  Where did your “car story” begin? I’d love to hear from you and read your thoughts in the comments section below.