Possibly one of the best cars Buick has ever made!

I have never been a fan of Buick, until I saw the Buick Lacrosse. This model is the CXL AWD version, powered by the 3.6 Liter VVT V6. Now, I don’t know much about the Lacrosse, but I do know that this car is amazing!

One of the sexiest interiors around!

Interior: This car has one of the best-styled interiors I have ever seen. The interior is so vibrant and has so much going on, it is hard to focus on one aspect of it. However, this car really shines in the interior department.

I’m not too sure of the materials, but it seems some sort of leather or maybe faux-leather is really comfortable.  There are plastics in the car, but very few, and you wouldn’t be able to  notice them. The dashboard is very nice, the buttons are all easy to find and use. All of the displays are also very easy to read, however, like most, it may be a tad hard to see in direct sunlight. However, with the AWD version, the backseat passengers do have to deal with the driveshaft.

Some of the best styling I have seen! But only in black!

Exterior: The exterior also gets a thumbs-up from me. The exterior is not over-styled, nor under, and has some very nice accents, like the chrome grille. The front and rear lights are also very nice in the styling. No complaints here!

Hardware: The user-interface, although better than most, it still a hassle. Some buttons are confusing at first, but what isn’t? Also, the radio knob has been known to become loose and stop operating as well as it should.

Powertrain: Most do not care for sportyness in a car like this, nor will you get it. Powered by the 3.6 Liter V6, whichs pushes out 280 HP and 259 LB/Ft of torque @4800 RPM. Now, because of the AWD version, this engine is different from the FWD version, and thus a little more powerful. Power is transferred via a 6-speed automatic, with optional manual shift.

Overall: From 1-10, this car deserves a 9.5. I would give it a 10 if it had a better engine. Buick really made some gold here. I can barely find anything wrong with the car. And what is wrong, it is so minute, it wouldn’t really matter.