I was busy with the podcast, trying to get sponsors, and I finally did. I got Mobil 1 to get the main spot, audio only, for about 30 episodes of season 2. That means I will pocket a cool $650 after it is done.
Well, with half of that already paid as a deposit to me, I am starting up a contest.
Now, I haven’t decided what the contest is, but I know the prizes:
First Place: Brand new Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel, along with a year of XBL.
Second Place: 6 months of XBL and 4,000 MS Points
Third Place: 3 Months of XBL and 1600 MS Points
The contest, most likely, will be called Fan of Fanatec contest. This will really put FLR (my racing garage) on the map. I had an idea for some sort of Stig contest, like when someone is elected into government, they say what they will do to improve whatever.
However, what would you do as The Stig. I might do something else that requires a little more work, but I have to see.