The crescent-moon of the Infiniti lineup. People want it to be a full moon, but it does what it wants.

The Nissan-owned luxury/performance manufacturer known for producing some really great cars has done it again. Infiniti∞ really does a good job when producing their cars. Sure, there is some Nissan 370Z hiding around the sheetmetal, but it is welcomed, especially under the hood. 2010 marks the first year that Infiniti stops receiving parts from Nissan. Now, you need body panels from a G37 to fit on a G37, not something from a Nissan. Is it worth it?

A little dark and plasticky, but not too bad.

Interior: The interior is a little drab, not much…..or actually any color to it. This car will bake in the sun. However, this car has to have the coolest seats I have ever seen. They are very comfortable, plus they do offer some serious bolster. Now, I know you may be thinking, why are these seats better than others like Mercedes-Benz or Cadillac? Well, Cadillac gets the Ricaros, but these seats are perfect for daily driving. You can’t have Ricaros in a daily-driver.

The gauges are very easy to see and read. The formation of them is also appreciated. Of course, like all car interfaces, this one sucks. I don’t know why it has to be this complex. There is some nice chrome accents surrounding the silver dashboard. Of course, the black plastic is everywhere, and it shouldn’t for the base price for about $33,000. I want some wood or leather.

Not bad, not over-aggressive. Nice work!

Exterior: Not bad. I wouldn’t want something crazy on this car. Sure, it has some nice power to it, but I prefer something quiet and simplistic. All of the luxury car features are there, like the super-bright headlights, LED rearlights, and some of the best stock rims I have ever seen.

With this car being a coupe, the doors are a bit wider to accommodate the 4 seats. This can pose problems at a crowded parking lot, so watch it when opening the door. Access to the rear seats is what you would expect…..awful.

Hardware: Infinti does a great job with everything. Heat and A/C, no problem. Radio is like the rest, go for satellite. Also, sometimes the rear window slits will stick during a warm day. Headlights are really bright, so are rearlights.

Hello 370Z!

Powertrain: This car has quite a bit of power under the hood, it boasts a 3.7 Liter V6 with 330 HP and 270 lb feet of torque. WEL technology continually adjusts valve lift for a speedier response and more efficient mileage. The acceleration is super easy and yet the ride is extremely smooth.  There is adaptive cruise control in place which always keeps your vehicle within safe driving distance from the car ahead, even when in cruise control mode. Gas mileage is pretty good for the sedan is at 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the freeway.

Overall: Does better than the 370Z on the luxury side, but with the extra weight and price tag, I cannot score it as a sports car compared to the Z. Instead, in it’s class, it gets a 8.0 /10. Why the 8? Well, as good as the car is, I can’t see it doing any better. The performance and luxury is there, but not in the right combination.

Trims: Sedan, Coupe, or Hard-top convertible.