Car: Honda Civic 06 Si coupe

Class: D

Racing Style: circuit long-medium tracks

created by: MOJO Factory

Price: 10000

Notes: Has a nice paint with it


Ive done one 4WD and 3 RWD cars now time for some FWD. For this review Im reviewing a 06 Civic tune which is designed for speed tracks and is one of my favorite FWD cars Ive ever driven.

To start off 6.3 speed is a very nice amount of speed for a D class car which is backed up by a fairly decent 4.9 acceleration the Civic will fly down the straights. Its 5.1 handling makes it capable of being competitive on medium tracks such as Iberian and 4.9 is enough for it to brake around the bends in one piece . In public lobbies it will surprise the AWD addicts on tracks such as Sunset Peninsula, Sebring, Le mans bugatti and more. The Civic is also fairly cheap at 13000 CR or so. The Civic is quite a force on the LBs.

list of times

Iberian Full Reverse: #388: 00:57.702

Le mans Bugatti: #333: 01:53.360

Sebring Short: #340: 01:21.759

Sebring Club: #510: 01:13.309

Sunset Full: #344: 01:40.377

Sunset Full R: #250: 01:41.497

Sunset Club: #360: 01:05.749

Sunset Club R: #439: 01:06.402

More times will be put up as I do more tracks

The only thing about this car is the price of the tune and paint, the DUB Rims and since its FWD the front tires will heat up a lot quicker than the rear tires.

Other than that the 06 Civic is a nice FWD car in D class to give those 04 Audi S4s and 03 Celica’s the run for their money on speed circuits