Automotive mechanics is provide mechanics service for car service and repair automobiles, trucks, vans, buses and other types of automotive equipment and assist in the major repair of automotive equipment, including engine overhauls, car breakdown; perform tune-ups; reline, adjust overhauls of brakes; align wheels, replace and repair transmissions; lubricate moving parts; pack wheel bearings and universal joints; estimate the cost of automotive repairs; perform minor welding and brazing work; replace and install oil filters and head lamps and keep maintenance records; and prepare work orders to reflect time and material usage.

The series consists of five levels of difficulty from unskilled up to the working supervisor.

Automotive mechanics supervisor

General direction incumbents direct and coordinate the work of lead and automobile mechanic and other related personnel.

Lead automotive mechanic

Direction, incumbents perform operational level duties as working leaders for automobile mechanics.

Automotive mechanics

General supervision, incumbents perform operational level automotive repair duties. Incumbents may train and/or supervise assistant automotive mechanic and/or automobile attendants.

Assistant automotive mechanics

(1) Assist automotive mechanics in maintaining and repairing automotive equipment;

(2) Perform duties in one or two limited areas of automotive repair;

(3) Perform the range of automotive mechanic duties in a training capacity.

Automotive attendant

Incumbents perform a variety of duties related to the servicing and dispatching of automotive equipment.