Car: #2 Audi Sport Team Joest R15 TDI

Class: R1

Racing Style: circuit long-medium tracks

created by: dertrunksprinz

Price: 5000

Notes: Audi R15 is part of the Hot Holidays Car pack


For this review Im reviewing the Audi R15 a surprisingly quick car for medium-long tracks in R1.

When looking at its PI the R15 appears to be an all rounder a good car for medium tracks but when I took it out for a spin It accelerated like a jet down the straights and has a fairly decent amount of speed (up to 350 km max) making suitable for long tracks as well. When it comes to handling the Audi handles brilliantly and is fairly easy to drive but like most R1 cars TCS is HIGHLY recommended due to the insane snap oversteer that most R1 cars have without TCS.

The Audi so far has proven to be a very quick car in R1 except for sunset club Ive hit top 1000s times very easily on every tracks ive tested this tune on so far. The Audi can also almost hit top 100 times on some tracks

list of of lap times

Camino Viejo Full Circuit: #781: 00:49.179
Iberian Full Circuit: #388: 00:39.644
Iberian Full Circuit Reverse: #193: 00:39.354
New York Full Circuit: #564: 00:50.328
New York Full Circuit Reverse: #150: 00:50.179
Nurburgring Stage A: #180: 1:30.324
Nurburgring Stage B: #109: 1:26.303
Nurburgring Stage C: #126: 1:42.452
Nurburgring Stage D: #151: 1:43.820
Sunset Club Reverse: #363 : 00:46.156

As you can see the Audi R15 is very competitive in R1.

The main problems with the Audi is the price since it cost 1.5 Million some may think the R15 ist worthwhile. thankfully like most R1 cars the R15 is cheap to upgrade

Overall I think the R15 tune is a solid R1 Setup and makes a nice alternative to the usual RS Spyder and GT-ONE