Car: Joss JT1

Class: R3

Racing Style: circuit medium-long tracks

created by: WB FourTwenty

Price: FREE Very Happy

Notes: Requires Exotic Car pack


Time for some R3 and to start it off Im starting with a brilliant R3 car the Joss JT1

Starting off its got some real nice stats for an R1 car. 7,8 speed with 8.8 acceleration is definitely far from slow and with 7.4 handling and braking its a force on the turns. The Joss is like the usual GT1, GT2 and GT3 race cars is tricky to drive without TCS but when TCS the Joss comes to life. I sometimes forget thats its a RWD when TCS is on. The Joss is a good lobby car as Ive used it in some R class races in the R and C multi class lobbies as it can take down less experie LB car drivers and give more experienced driver in LB car the run for their money if your a good enough driver. The Joss’s V8 produces a solid 519 BHP and will go from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds and 0-100 mph in 5.3 seconds. On the straight the Joss will accelerate to 202 mph.

List of some good lap times

Camino Viejo Reverse: #384: 00:57.469

Iberian Full: #449: 00:46.008

Iberian Full R: 372: 00:46.183

New York Full: #205: 00:55.918

New York Full R: #123 :00:55.803

Nurburgring GP Full: #399: 01:48.315

Sebring Club: #274: 00:58.352

Sedona Club: #395: 01:01.367

Sedona Full Circuit: #686: 02:01.195

The downside for this car is the price since it it costs 400k CR and costs like 100K for the parts. It also requires the exotic car pack to even drive it. Its also not a good car for driver who dont use any assists as it does oversteer with out TCS.

Other than that I think the Joss tune is a great all rounder that makes a nice alternative to a FXX anyday