The Devon GTX

Car: Devon GTX

Class: S

Racing Style: circuit short medium tracks

created by: AGM Rafael

Price: 20000

Notes: The Devon GTX is part of the Exotic car pack


The last tune for today is for the Dodge Viper engined Devon GTX which is suitable RWD car for medium and short tracks

The Devon may have fairly decent handling to start off and is very grippy on the road. This is backed up with some suitable acceleration though it doesnt have too much speed for longer tracks due to the Invasion of Dodge viper in the Public lobbies the Devon wont have to much use online unless your lucky enough to get a S class lobby filled with RWDs. For lap times the Devon is average on some tracks but very quick on others. On Camino Extreme Reverse the Devon hit 2.33.783 managing to break through a good amount of AWD vipers to to hit the 390s on the LB. The Devon is also very quick on suzuka west hitting 1.14.766 placing it in the 630s on the LB. The devon also handles well enough to be a quick car for Fujimi kaido and Rally di postano hitting 5.50 on rall di di postano full circuit reverse putting it in the 103 on the LB which I think is very impressive for a RWD S class car

The only bad things about this car is the steep 20000 price tag for the tune and the 300 000 CR for the car. Its also powered by the V10 cylinder engine used in the Dodge Viper. It also likes to snap oversteer when shifting but TCS can counter this.

Other than that the Devon GTX makes a nice RWD S class car to add to anyones garage