Car: Nissan R390

Class: S

Racing Style: circuit medium-long tracks

created by: HLR MoleBwOy

Price: 50000 Neutral


The new Tune for today is a something different you dont see everyday a AWD Nissan R390 in S class

Now when driving the R390 stock it has terrible handling and its speed is only average. I normally dont like converting cars like this to AWD but When I took this tune out for spin I was surprised how well it handled since 6.4 isnt a to much for S class. The R390s 8.5 acceleration makes it fly down the straights. The Nissan proved to be good for online as I took it out for a race on laguna seca in a private lobby and it proved to be very quick and grippy around the turns. Its Twin Turbocharged V8 gives out 550 BHP and will accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.2 Seconds ! and 0-100 mph in 5 Seconds !. The R390 will accelerate up to 200 mph

List of some good lap times

Camino Viejo Reverse: #487: 01:01.017

Iberian Full: #759: 00:49.945

Iberian Full R: #464: 00:49.307

New York Full R: #196 :00:59.386

Suzuka West: #503: 01:14.423

The R390 however isnt cheap at 1,250,000 CR and 50000 CR for the tune and another 40k or so for the parts. It also converted to 4WD which is something I dont like doing to cars like the R390

Because of this I wouldn’t say the car is worth it unless your desperate for a good R390 or S class tune or are a bit of a car collector. Other than that Its a nice car to bring out into the S class lobbies