my 1st car review

Car: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit long-medium tracks

created by: MOJO factory

Price: 10000

Notes: 4WD and has a pretty cool paint to go with it


My first tune review is all about one of my favorite tuning set ups Ive downloaded from the store front and Ive been using it for a while online and on season play. Im not the best driver so no top 100s time (except. on tracks like fujimi kaido)

At a first glance you may be expecting it to handles like most muscle cars but when I decided to take out on suzuka west I was shocked to see how well it handled and with 7.0 top speed and 8.0 acceleration it is a rocket on the straights. In public lobbies it can take on Audi S5s on tracks such as Silver stone national and mugello short. I decided to take out for a spin on Silverstone national where I hit 56.622 placing me in the 840s mugello short hitting 57.029 hitting the 680s on the LB and suzuka west hitting 1.17.137 hitting the 280s on the LB which I felt was fairly good for a V8 powered 70s muscle car.

The only problems with this tune is the fact its 4WD and has a viper engine. Its also very expensive too since the challenger costs 150k CR and the tune and paint cost 10k each and since its a dodge buying the parts wont be cheap thats for sure (cant remember the price for the parts). Unless your swimming in CR your best just hotlapping this tune using the loadtune setup feature on free play

If you dont mind the an expensive 4WD viper engined challenger and want to be competitive in a underated car then you will like this tune.