The next car is another brilliant ferrari

Car: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit short-medium tracks

created by: The PLOP Shop

Price: FREE!

Notes: has a pretty cool paint to go with it

handling: 6.3

The next RWD car is another Ferrari the 360 Challenge Stradale one of my favorite ferrari’s which is a suitable car for short to medium tracks especially quick on ralli di positano.

The Ferrari is very easy to drive for A RWD and has a fairly decent launch with for a RWD car. It also has some fairly decent speed and acceleration making it a nice car for medium tracks as well. Like the Testarossa I havent used that much online in public lobbies but I think it would be quite a quick car in the RWD lobbies.

When it comes to hot lapping the Challenge Stradale is a nice car on Iberian full reverse hitting times in 52.246 putting it in the 680s on the LB. The stradale is also very quick on rally di positano since it hit times 6.01.331 leaving it in the 240s for the full circuit and times in the 150s for the full circuit reverse. Its also quick in the sidewinder proving grounds hot a few times in the 400s on several of them.

The bad thing about this car is price since it costs like 170 000 for the Ferrari. Another bad thing is the rims DUB rims on a Ferrari just looks terrible in my opinion.

Other than that the Ferrari 360 SC is a solid RWD car for the RWD lobbies.