or todays reviews Im reviewing two powerful and fast AMG Mercedes both of them are very good for medium tracks

1st up is the E63 AMG which is quick for medium-long tracks

Car: Mercedes E63 AMG

Class: a

Racing Style: circuit long-medium tracks

created by: RFS KOC

Price: 10000

Notes: Mercedes E63 is part of the road and track car pack


To start off the E63 AMG when looking at its PI has a very healthy combo of speed and handling. 7.9 speed with 7.2 acceleration is a very nice combination and with 6.0 handling the Merc has enough handling to get it around most bends. The Merc’s Twin Screwed supercharged V8 produces an incredible 612 BHP to all four wheels. This allows the Merc to hit from 0-60 MPH in 2.2 seconds!! and 0-100 in 6.2 seconds according to the Benchmark. On the track the Merc steadily accelerate up to a solid 204 MPH. On the turns the Mercedes has plenty of grip and is very easy to drive even though it weighs almost 2000 kg. The E63 is also quite a big car making it tricky to get past it in crammed in tracks.

some lap times

Iberian Full circuit: # 707 :00:51.454

Iberian Full R #385: 00:51.583

Camino Viejo Full R:# 392: 1:03.891

Camino Extreme R: #264: 2.38.463

Nurburgring:# 827:7.41.514

Suzuka West:#709: 1.18.388

The main issues is the price the Merc costs 100k CR and requires the Road and track pack. The merc also rolls over easily.

The next merc is the SLK55 AMG

Car: Mercedes SLK55 AMG

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit long-medium tracks

created by: Wiktorek PL

Price: 20000

Notes: Mercedes SLK55 AMG is part of the Summer Velocity car pack


Unlike the E63 the SLK is actually quite an affordable car at 44K and is about 300 kg lighter making it more agile on the turns. It its however a lot less powerful. Its V8 engine produces 463 BHP horsepower to the 4 wheels. The merc can hit 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and 0-100 in 7.1 seconds. The Merc will accelerate up about 185 mph. The SLK is however a lot easier on the turns and has a nice 7.5 acceleration to match. The SLK also shifts quickly

Iberian Full circuit: # 671 :00:51.423

Iberian Full R #574: 00:51.997

Camino Viejo Full R:# 454: 1:04.028

New York Full: # 314: 1:02.233

Sedona Club:#475: 1:07.910

The SLK however uses seven gears which means there will be a lot of shifting making it tricky for people who havent had much practice with manual. The tune is also pretty expensive at 20000 CR.

While both of this powerful AWD Mercedes are good the E63 AMG in my opinion is the better car of the two but the SLK is a lot cheaper.