Car: Honda S2000

Class: B

Racing Style: circuit short-medium tracks

created by: TheDocktor40

Price: FREE Very Happy


For this review Im reviewing one of my favorite roadsters the Honda S2000

At a first glance at its PI you will probably think the person who tuned it has gone crazy since 5.1 acceleration is very low for a B class car and 3.0 launch doesnt help one bit but when I took it out onto the track I was in for a shock the S2000 accelerated very well enough to keep up with most of my B class cars and around the bends the S2000 tunes handles well its very smooth around the corners and the back end will rarely come out making a suitable car for less experienced drivers. It also shifts quickly making it a nice car for drivers who prefer automatic transmission. The S2000s Centrifugal Supercharged 4 cylinder engines produces 273 BHP to the 2 rear wheels. It can from 0-60 MPH in 5.2 seconds and 0-100 MPH in 12.5 seconds and a top speed of 170 MPH according to the benchmark. The Honda is also a pretty cheap car at 15000 CR. Because of the lack of power the S2000 is suitable for short tracks but is quick enough to be a contender on medium tracks aswell.

list of lap times

Iberian Full Reverse #620 :00:53.983

Camino Viejo full R: #880: 01:07.579

New York Full:#523: 01:06.874

New York Full R:#318: 01:06.328

Suzuka West: #835: 01:22.998

The down sides for this car is the 3.0 launch which makes it pretty sluggish off the starting line. There is also no RWD B class hoppers which will limits this cars use online since theres quite a lot of fast cars in B class such as Subarus, Audis and Volkswagens

Overall I think its a cheap reliable RWD b class car