Car: Ferrari 512 TR

Class: C

Racing style circuit: long-medium circuits as well as the nurburgring

Created by: alpine techs

Price: 10000

Speed: 7.1
Acceleration: 5.5
Launch: 4.7
Braking: 5.0

first up is the Ferrari 512TR designed for speed tracks and is especially quick on the Nurburgring.

When looking at its PI you can tell that its definitely a speed car with a healthy 7.1 speed and a decent 5.5 acceleration the Ferrari will fly down the straights. When its comes to handling the 512 TR is very easy to drive the back end will rarely come out and the tires stick to road like glue though I haven’t used it in any public lobbies I reckon it could give some cars the run for their money as Ive hit some really nice times.

On Nurburgring Stage A,B,C,D the Ferrari proved to be a very quick car hitting top 200 times in A,C,D and top 300 times in B which i feel is very good for a RWD car especially the fact that you have to do them in a standing lap and the TR big tirespin off the line. I then had a shot at the full ring itself where the 512 TR hit a 8.19.856 putting it in the 350s. After its impressive run in the green hell I took it out for spin on Sunset Peninsula Club where it hit 1.03.864 in the 560s and 1.04.256 in the 350s for sunset club Reverse

Other than the slow launch and the price of the tune theres nothing much wrong with it.

If your a Ferrari Fan and want to be competitive in C class you will like this tune and it greats a great alternative to the usual NSX or RX-7 for speed tracks