Car: Mercedes C63 AMG

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit medium tracks

created by: AGM Nory

Price: 15000

Notes: Requires World class car pack


Well Ive done tune reviews on the SLK55 AMG and E63 AMG and since Im a bit of a Mercedes AMG addict Im going to write about the C63 AMG probably the most wanted Mercedes’s for this review. I tested quite a lot of tunes for this great car but eventually decided to review this tune due its superior handling in comparison to other A class C63s I tested.

Well to start off the C63 has some decent power for an A class car with 7.3 speed and an impressive 7.6 acceleration to match. While it only has 5.9 handling, the C63 handles very showing little signs of under/oversteer for medium tracks. With its 9.1 launch , the C63 will leap off the starting line and after some races in the public lobbies this C63 AMG proved to be an effective lobby car. Its 8 cylinder engine gives out a pretty nice 537 BHP and will go form 0-60MPH in a monstrous 2.2 seconds and will accelerate to 190MPH.

list of lap times for this tune

New york full Reverse: – #691 – 01:03.611

Camino Extreme Reverse: – #417 – 02:39.230

Suzuka West : – #667 : – 01:18.209

Camino Viejo Reverse: – #542: – 01:04.119

Iberian Full Reverse: # – #425: – 00:51.603

When comparing this to the A class E63 tunes and SLK55 AMGs Ive tested/reviewed , The C63 is in the Middle when it comes to power and weight as well as performance since it feels quicker when compared to a allrounder A class SLK but doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with a well tuned allrounder A class E63.

Now the main bad points of this tune is the fact its part of the world class car pack and this isn’t a very cheap car to tune neither costing an ok 57k for the car but costing well over 100k for the parts.

Overall I think this is a real nice A class lobby car if you’ve got the money.