Car: Chrysler Crossfire

Class: C

Racing Style: circuit all rounder but is at its best on medium and short tracks

created by: barrybarfly

Price: 10000

Notes: Has a cool paint to go with it


Ive never liked the Crossfire in real life and never thought I would buy one on forza until I saw this tune in in the tuning market place on forza net which caught my eye as It said top 50-100s. I decided to eventually buy a crossfire as Im always up for a underated car that could be competitive against LB cars in any class. The car runs 330 horse under the hood and will run from 0-60 mph in 4 and a half second and will go from 0-100 in 11 seconds. When test driving it around Road Atlanta Club it proved to be a very smooth and reliable car and with the extra downforce from the forza wing and bumper, the Cross Fire is one very easy car to drive even with no assists!. The crossfire despite having average acceleration and speed can keep up with most car and handles well enough to be competitive on tracks like fujimi kaido.


Camino Viejo R:# 556: 01:09.373

Iberian Full: # 589: 00:55.742

Iberian Full R:# 208: 00:55.048

Nurburgring GP short# 375: 01:34.756

Road Atlanta Club# 499: 01:00.535

Fujimi Kaido Stage D reverse: #75 :01:57.834

There isnt really to many downsides other than the fact that its a crossfire and it doesnt have to much speed only 155 mph which will limit this car performance on longer tracks

Overall I would say if you dont mind driving a crossfire this is a easy to drive and fast C class car.