Car: Mercedes SL65 Black series

Class: S RWD

Racing Style: circuit short- medium tracks

created by: sinnermac

Price: 1000

Notes: you win the Sl65 through leveling up and because of this they are cheap in the AH

Easiest way to find tune in SF: goto most downloaded in S class and go down the tune has downloads in the 30s


Time for some more Mercedes AMG and for this review Im reviewing the Sl65 in S class. Now I really like the SL65 but sadly turn 10 weren’t as kind to the Sl65 in comparison to the other AMG mercs Ive tested. It was very hard to find a good tune for this car as many tunes had understeer or performed not as good as it says on their PI. After a weeks worth of testing tunes I decided to give a couple of RWD S class and I was surprised that they were almost as fast as some of the AWD S class tunes and they are a blast to drive.

So now onto the tune I decided to pick this tune as it has a bit more speed and acceleration while maintaining some decent handling as speed is some that a lot of the S class RWD sl65s have problems with. Now when driving this car its one completely fun and at times wild ride on the road but is very rewarding if you can tame the beast. It has the R1 car kinda feel to it due to its high amount of tirespin off the starting line but once the car is going its grips to the road like superglue. This isnt the quickest S class RWD car but its far from the slowest as it can hold its own on some of the medium sized track especially Iberian. Its twin turbocharged 12 cylinder gives an impressive 720 horses under the hood and will accelerate from 0-60 mph 3.1 seconds and has a top speed of 185 mph according to the benchmark.

list of times by this tune

Iberian reverse: – #577: – 00:49.788

New york reverse – #466: – 01:00.651

Sedona club reverse – #545: – 01:06.141

Iberian short reverse – #554 – :00:40.496

Camino extreme reverse: – #640: – 02:35.595

The main issues for this car is its low speed and because of this it can struggle on some medium tracks but due to the fact that its handling is not brilliant it isnt that good of a car for short tracks. These were problems I had problem with AWD S class SL65s.

Overall this tune isnt the most competitive but is a very fun car to drive.