Keep your car engine in a good condition. Regular oil change is most important for your car. You must try to keep your car engine overheated. Regular check up is must be needed. Change your car spark plugs, bulbs, and timing belts, air filters and other thing of your car. The engine is a heart of your car. An engine overheating may cause serious damage. Always care your car engine and its coolant level. Inspect your car radiator regularly. Any check your engine for any leakage. If your car engine not heated properly and is too cool so it means your thermostat is not working correctly. Check your car engine belts and replace it for any cracks you should do it immediately. Must replace your car air filters after the 15000 miles. Regular engine checking protects you from many damages.

If certain problem incurred in your car engine it effects on your life of car. A car engine needs a regular maintenance. Engine oil is one of the important needs of a car. It determined the need and performance of your car. You must check it regularly after two weeks. First of all check your car engine and then other parts of car like, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant level, windshield wipers and tires of your car. Keep on safe driving and keep on proper drive. Check your car engine if it is not run smoothly. Drive smoothly. Check your car battery.

Never spray water on a hot engine. It might be because a high damage for your car engine. Always use the genuine parts for your car. Wash your car regularly. Check your car tires and its air pressure. Check your car by a mechanic after different intervals. Car batteries are also important part of your car. Check your car any leakage, cracks or any other damage. Replace your car battery if it not working well. Check your car engine any noise, problem, leaks and engine lights. Check any small problems timely before it may cause any engine damage.

Change your car engine oil before testing. Engine is the soul of your car and also called the heart of your car. There are forty parts in your car engine so maintain it. Check your engine oil level before going on a long trip. You can check oil easily by opening the bonnet of your car. You can also check your car oil level with the help of dipstick. Check the oil level immediately. If it is low so must fill it. Don’t drive if the engine oil condition so low.

Inspect your car radiator regularly. The car air filter is also important part of your car. You should change car air filters after the 10000 to 15000 miles. Check your car transmission fluid level. Change your car low fluid, dirty or old fluid. It plays an important part for your engine performance. Replace your car oil filters after every oil change. Changing oil regularly remove harmful dirt from your car engine. Oil play a vital role in your engine performance.