warning lots of writing for this review

Car: Mazda Axela Sport 23S

Class: E

Racing Style: circuit short, medium and long tracks

created by: Mr Fade

Price: Free Very Happy

Notes: 3 cool paints for the car in the tuners SF

Well for this review Im taking a look at not one, not two but three tunes for the FWD Mazda Axela.

Now I never thought I would buy a Axela mainly because I didnt think it was too good of a car since It was not very common but I decided to randomly buy and I was in for a shock. When looking through the store front these 3 tunes caught my eye. The Mazda Axela is a cheap car at 12k CR and all three tune cost around 40k for the parts

First up is the Axela made for short tracks


Now as you can see from its PI this tune is nothing but pure handling in one car and on the track this tune wont disappoint. It will go exactly where you want as anyone would expect from a pure handling car and shows little signs of over/under steer. Due to its poor speed and acceleration this tune Is limited to short tracks with plenty of twists and turns and is at its best at Fujimi kaido and rally di positano. Its 4-cylinder engine only produces a small 174 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60 mph 6.8 seconds and has a VERY small top speed of 126 mph

list of lap times by this tune

Circuit de Catalunya School Circuit : – #584 – 00:49.577

Fujimi kaido Full Reverse : – #171 – 09:04.195

Iberian mini : – #424 – 00:33.404

Ladera mini : – #368 – 00:27.816

Rally di positano full : – #77 – 06:41.920


Next up is the Jack of all trades of the Trio the medium track tune


Now the medium track tune is heavier and more powerful as it a whopping 0.9 speed more than the short track tune but gives up 0.3 handling and braking in exchange. On the track this tune just as easy to drive as the handling tune but 0.3 is a big difference and as a result this limits the car to medium tracks. It has 201 BHP under the hood , 27 BHP more than the handling tune and will accelerate in 6.5 seconds 0.3 more and a top speed of 145mph.

List of time by this tune

Camino Viejo full Reverse – #450 – 01:14.458

Circuit – Catalunya national circuit – #865 – 01:25.019

New York Full Reverse – #481 – 01:15.255

Nurburgring GP short – #316 – 01:41.157

Sedona club Reverse – #334 – 01:19.262


Now last but definitely not least is the speed tune


For the speed tune its pure speed having PI for handling and braking of what looks like no upgrades for handling whatso ever (except for probably anti role bars) for an extra 0.7 speed giving a total of 5.6 and a 0.7 acceleration as well as putting a centrifugal supercharger under the hood. Despite this this tune is still fairly easy to drive but it does understeer slightly on hairpins. The speed tune has an 266 BHP, an incredible 65 BHP more than the medium track tune and accelerate from 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and has a top speed of about 157 mph

list of times by this tune

Nurburgring Nordscheleife – #447 – 09:02.039

Nurburgring stage D – #154 – 02:33.220

Sebring short – #455 – 01:25.615

Sebring club – #647 – 01:16.250

Sunset full reverse – #232 – 01:45.279


Now for the bad points well ther isnt much but they are very sluggish off the starting line since they are FWD and their front tires like most FWDs heat up a lot faster than the rear tires. There is a bit of under steer for all of them in first gear.

overall I think these three tunes are great addition for E class if you want to drive something different.