Audi wants you to be able to identify its brand without looking, and a consistent sonic signature is key to that. In that spirit, the company has undertaken an extensive sound capture, catalog and research program to ensure that the soundwaves drifting into your ears from the commercial playing in the next room are instantly identifiable. It extends beyond advertising, too. Even the voices and microphones used to record voicemail prompts were exhaustively auditioned for just the right sonic character.
The Audi Sound Studio effort may seem quite obsessive, but at least they’ve produced a cool video filled with the tastiest in high-end audio gear. Sound geeks who like to brand-spot should be on the lookout forNeumann, API, Focusrite Reds and the deified U47. The rest of you can just watch as a uniformed team of recordists swarms all over Audi vehicles on a track and in an anechoic chamber to capture all the sounds an Audi could possibly make. Being an advertising effort, the most important sound all of this effort can lead to is the “ka-ching” of a vehicle purchase