Car: #33 Jaguar RSR XKR GT

Class: R3

Racing Style: circuit short-medium tracks

created by: TCR Rabbit

Price: free Very Happy

Notes: requires Jalopnik car pack to drive

Easiest way to find in storefront: when searching tunes for the #33 Jag search up highest rated its currently the 2nd highest rated


HP: 669
Torque: 577 lbs ft
Weight: 2758 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

For this review Im reviewing a GT2 race car tune that I saw in the highest rated section of the storefront. As many know many of the GT3, GT2 race cars in forza struggle to be competitive in forza due to the fact they normally have very little speed and many of them dont come with handling upgrades and many are stuck in the middle of the class that they are in. The #33 Jaguar XKR is blessed with a very impressive 7.5 handling and 7.6 braking which makes up for its average speed and acceleration.

When testing driving the Jag around Iberian the Jag goes around the corners like a pro, showing little signs of over/ under steer and is very forgiving. The Jags brilliant handling is backed up by its very powerful brakes. While it does have average speed/acceleration the Jag oddly performs better on medium tracks in comparison to short tracks as I seemed to be hitting quicker times on the medium tracks. This is probably because of the endless invasion of moslers and vipers in the R3 LBs in the short tracks. As said above its 8-cylinder produces a solid 669 horses under the hood. The Jag will go from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and 0-100mph in 5.8 seconds. When it comes to speed the Jag will top out at 190ish mph.

list of some lap times by this tune

Iberian reverse: – #435: – 00:46.445

Camino Extreme reverse: – #347: – 02.24.289

New york reverse: – #306 : – 00:57.630

Camino Full Reverse: – #633: – 00:58.122

Sedona Club Reverse: – #682: – 01:01.509

While its a great car it does cost a big 300k CR and requires the Jalopnik car pack to drive it. The Jag will also have a limited life span in the public lobbies as the R class are among the worst when it comes to LB cars as most of the R3 lobbies Ive been are either Mazda dysons, Moslers or Vipers invading the lobbies. The Jag however is a nice car if you race in private lobbies with freinds. The Jag also requires TCS if you want to get the most out of it as it has a lot of snap oversteer without it

My overall verdict for this car is that if you like GT2 race cars and want to be competitive then the Jaguar is among the best to choose from. I think the Jag is a brilliant car and Im glad T10 added it to Forza (not to mention the brilliant sound that erupts from the V8 engine from the car)