Tune was requested by Lukenasia

Car: 1999 Dodge Viper

Class: B

Racing Style: circuit short-medium tracks

created by: Lukenasia

Price: car isnt in storefront Lukenasia said he will gift it to anyone in FLR as long as they dont sell it on SF or claim it as their own


HP: 460
Torque: 500 lbs ft
Weight: 3818 lbs
Drivetrain: AWD

For this review I was requested to review a well known car in the world of forza the Dodge Viper 1999 and unlike most tunes for it this one been dropped down into B class and that means thats right this Vipers been giving the dreaded AWD swap. Now as many know most if not all Vipers (except for the Gt3/Gt2 race car vipers) can be AWD swapped which in my opinion is a big mistake on Turn 10’s part as S class is completely dominated by Vipers and in A class Vipers are on par with cars like the Audi S5 and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Now Im not a fan of AWD Vipers but I decided to try this tune as Ive never ever seen a Viper in B class in lobbies and on LBs even though its pretty easy to get the 1999 viper into B class.

So onto the tune it self starting off this is not your usual viper tune as most viper excel at speed this tune is strong in the handling department instead. On the corners the Viper is incredibly easy to handle showing little understeer and oversteer and is forgiving to less experienced drivers. The Viper isnt the most exciting car to drive (like most AWD Vipers) but this tune will get you from A to B pretty quickly as you would expect from a AWD Viper. This Viper tune is at its best on medium tracks most notably Camino Extreme buts its handling is strong enough to cope with the likes of short tracks such as Rally di positano. The Vipers ten cylinder produces a solid 460 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60mph in4 seconds and has a top speed of 170mph.

list of some laptimes by this tune

Iberian Full Reverse – #532 – 00:53.644

Camino full reverse – #858 – 01:07.397

Camino extreme reverse – #309 – 02:46.970

New york full Reverse – #385 – 01:06.538

Rally di positano full reverse – #140 – 06:15.285

So bad points for the Viper well its 4WD to start off and since Vipers are considered LB cars to many except for the LB car obsessed so ppl probably wont be happy to see this car in lobbies. When looking at the tuning setting this car is full handling so expect it to lag behind on straights though it will make up for this with its strong handling.

Im not a fan of 4WD Vipers and never will be but if you are fed up of LB car and want to give them a tastes of their own medicine you might want to consider trying out a B class viper if you dont mind making it 4WD