For this review Im reviewing two tunes of my favourite S class cars in my garage. The Ford GT and it older brother the GT40

Starting off is the GT

Car: Ford GT

Class: S

Racing Style: circuit medium-long tracks

created by: x scratch66 x

Price: Free Smile

Easiest way to find in storefront: Search S class tune for Ford GT, go to most downloaded and its the 6th car down

Notes: The ford GT can be unlocked through leveling up so they can be cheap in AH


HP: 720
Torque: 649 lbs ft
Weight: 2854 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Well starting off the two reviews is a gem of a S class tune for the Ford GT. Although the GT is a quick AWD car that could give the LB cars the run for their money, I decided to go for a RWD tune despite the huge amount of strong AWD tunes mainly because I dislike AWD swapping this great car.

Now onto the tune I picked this specific tune because of its great combination of handling and speed and also because I found much easier to drive compared to other RWD S class GTs. Now on the track with no assists I find the Ford GT tune a lot more an exciting and fun car to drive as while having a decent amount of grip the car will try to fight back occasionally. When I took this around the same track again but with TCS on the car transforms. With TCS on the GT has NSX like grip and is backed by its formidable speed allowing this car to rocket down the straights. This tune is at its best on medium tracks with plenty of straight but it doe make a good car for Nurburgring car aswell. Its Twin screw supercharged V8 produces a solid 720 horse power and will accelerate from 0-60mph in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 212 mph accord to the benchmark. I recon this tune will give the 4WDs the run for thier money

list of some laps by this tune

Iberian full reverse – #491 – 00:49.385

Suzuka West – #465 – 01:14.172

Camino Extreme reverse – #398 – 02.32.755

Twin Ring Motegi east circuit – #645 – 01.21.323

New York Full reverse – #159 – 00.58.878

So the bads points for this tune well in S class 4WD Fords seem to be pretty common in the S class lobbies for me all of which were 4WD so if your planning on taking this beauty into the dreaded lobbies ppl will probably think its 4WD and switch to 4WD themselves. There is also a loud whine from the supercharger which may eventually get annoying to some though not to me.

Now onto the next tune the legendary Ford GT40

Car: Ford GT40

Class: S

Racing Style: circuit medium-short tracks

created by: FSP StoneyBoy

Price: Free once again Smile

Easiest way to find in storefront: Search S class tune for Ford GT40 , go to highest rated and its right at the top


HP: 597
Torque: 581 lbs ft
Weight: 2440 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

So the legendary GT40 as many know was a famous car in the 1960s as it won the 24 hours of le mans four times in row built to win long distance sports car races against ferrari. In the worlds of forza the GT40 isnt the Le mans monster you expect it to be but instead is strong car in the handling department. I picked a S class tune as I wanted to find a GT40 S class tune that was just as good as the Ford GT.

So for the tune the GT40 doesnt quite have the same speed as the GT but the GT40 is quite a force on the turns. The tuner managed to squeeze a lot of handling out of 6.4 and this is backed up by the GT40s impressive 8.3 acceleration. As I result I find this car more effect on medium to short tracks. On the track the GT40 launches off the line pretty quickly and is a pretty manageable car without assists as it has plenty of grip on the corners. Unlike the Ford GT the GT40 is a lot quiter on the road despite also having a Twin screw-supercharged V8. The GT40s V8 produces 597 horses and will accelerate from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and its speed will top out at 190mph on the benchmark

list of times by this tune

Iberian full reverse – #554 – 00:49.640

Rally di positano full reverse – #121 – 05:50.712

Camino extreme reverse – #461 – 02:33.512

New york reverse – #190 – 00:59.123

Suzuka west – #562 – 01:14.505

There isnt too many bad points for the GT40 other than the fact that it isnt cheap at a steep 1460000 CR. There isnt S class RWD hoppers so this car may struggle in the online lobbies.


So overall I think both of these cars are great fun to drive and pretty competitive V8 supercharged mid engined cars.

If you are looking for something different to drive in S class I would get suggest trying one of these