Car: Mercedes CL 65

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit medium-long tracks

created by: GKT KoYbRot

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: Search A class tunes for the CL 65, go to most downloaded and its at the top

Notes: Requires world class car pack


HP: 628
Torque: 544 lbs ft
Weight: 4078 lbs
Drivetrain: AWD

For this review Im reviewing yet another AMG Mercedes the CL65. Now the CL65 stock when looking at its PI the CL65 like many mercs is very strong when it comes to speed and acceleration except that the CL65 unlike most mercs has given up its handling completely to get enough speed it can in B class giving out an impressive 8.5. I was expecting another powerful car for le mans but when searching up tunes for this car I was surprised to see that it was mostly speed track tunes despite the average handling and when taking this A class tune out for a spin I was in for a shock.

So the itself is powerful by the powerful V12 used in the CLK GTR and runs on the seven speed automatic transmission used in many Mercs (although the seventh gear for this tune is never needed). Despite having 5.8 handling you will be surprised by how light and agile this tune feels even though the car almost weighs two tonnes. The tune at times shows slight oversteer but not enough to be too much of a problem. The tune is backed on the straights by the monster within the CL65’s V12 as the Merc will fly down the straights making is a solid option for longer tracks. The CL65 is at its best on medium sized tracks such as Iberian. The V12 engine powering the CL65 produces 628 horsepower and will accelerate from 0-60 in a decent 2.3 seconds and has a solid top speed of 195 mph.

list of times by this tune

Iberian Reverse – #537 – 00:51.809

Camino extreme reverse – #496 – 02:39.492

New york reverse – #336 – 01:02.674

Sedona club – #645 – 01:08.176

Suzuka west – #609 – 01:18.004

So the main bad points well the CL65 isnt cheap to start at 200k and requires the wold class car pack to drive and then as said earlier it can oversteer at times but it isnt to much of a problem once you have got used to driving it.

Overall I think the CL65 just like the other DLC Mercedes’s is a strong A class arllounder sleeper car