Car: Honda Mugen integra

Class: B

Racing Style: circuit medium-short tracks

created by: olo James olo

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: Search B class tunes for the Mugen, go to most recent and its at the top. The tune is title autoart so typing that as a keyword will bring up the tune.

Notes: cool paint n same SF

link to thread of the tune on FM net:


HP: 294
Torque: 186 lbs ft
Weight: 2304 lbs
Drivetrain: FWD

Well for this review Im reviewing some more FWD cars and the FWD im reviewing today is the Mugen Integra. Now T10 unlike most FWD have been a lot kinder to the Mugen due to the fact that that the Mugen has a lot of handling while still having plenty of PI to spare for power. The Mugen intergra is probably among the best FWD has to offer due to the fact it can be used in D, C and B classes with good results even giving 4WD the run for their money. I decided to review this tune as it recently came out on the forza 3 tuning marketplace and also because its B class which where many FWDs start going downhill and where the dreaded understeer will start to kick in.

So onto the tune itself, when looking at its PI you would guess that the Mugen is tuned for short tracks such as Fujimi kaido but when I took it out on Iberian the mugen proved to have reliable acceleration enough to make used able on medium tracks. When taking around the turns you will be surprised as I encounter little to no understeer at all and its 6.1 handling gives it a huge advantage on the turns I sometimes think this car is 4WD due to the insane grip until a I look at the heat of the front ties in comparison to the rear tires. The Integra is a strong car on medium to short tracks which makes this a good choice for a non 4WD car for season play and lobbies. The Mugens centrifugal supercharged 4 cylinder gives out 294 hp and will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds and has a top speed of 165 mph. The mugen integra is also, like many Honda very cheap at

list of the best times I got out of this tune

Iberian full reverse – # 597 – 00:53.730

Camino full reverse – #511 – 01:06.829

Camino extreme reverse – #218 – 02:46.013

Maple valley reverse – #444 – 01:34.608

New york reverse – #306 – 01:06.170

There aren’t many issues Ive had for this tune but I will admit like many FWDs its very sluggish off the line and the front do heat up quickly.

I overall think that the Mugen is a solid FWD car in B class for those who are looking for a decent Non 4WD car