Brenda Rivera, 30, of Tulsa, Okla. does a lot of driving. She already has 80,000 miles on her seven year old Ford Taurus.

“My husband and I travel to Oklahoma City at least twice a month to see family and it’s over 100 miles each way,” says Rivera. “Between those trips and just every day driving, the miles add up.”

Rivera says she wants to keep her car running for as long as possible because she doesn’t want the expense of replacing it, and she is in good company. A significant number of drivers are keeping theirvehicles longer. According to national surveys, the average age of passenger cars and light trucks nationally is now between 8.8 and 9.2 years.“Thanks to better built engines and vehicles overall, improved technology in rust inhibitors and other anti-corrosives for automobile undercarriages and bodies and the general sticker shock relating to the average price of a new car, people are keeping their older cars longer and taking better care of them than ever before,” says Dave Kunkel, retail sales and marketing manager for Citgo’s AutomotiveLubricants Division. “With proper maintenance, it’s not unusual to see vehicles accumulate 200,000 miles or more without needing expensive overhauls or repairs.”

Kunkel says it’s important to realize, however, that higher mileage vehicles have different needs when compared to newer vehicles. Over time, engine parts experience wear, deposits form on metal surfaces, and seals can dry out. “Older engines have different lubricating needs and require more attention than newer ones if they’re going to continue functioning well,” says Kunkel.

Citgo’s Supergard Ultralife Motor Oil, introduced in October 2002, is specifically formulated to meet the needs of this growing population of older, higher mileage vehicles.

“The oil gives engines an extra layer of protection by providing additional cleaning agents for critical engine parts and conditioning seals, which, thereby, helps reduce oil leakage and prevent valve deposits,” says Kunkel.

Rivera says keeping her car running in tip top shape is very important. “It’s our family vehicle. I have two small children and it gives me piece of mind to know I’m doing something to keep my car running longer,” says Rivera.

Look for Supergard Ultralife Motor Oil at Citgo branded fast lubes and leading retail stores in your area.