big thanks to GivingUTheGears for gifting the Bentley Spd 8

Car: #7 Bentley Spd 8

Class: R1

Racing Style: circuit medium tracks

created by: Henry Slick

Price: 20000

Notes: as with many R1 cars TCS is highly recommended

Easiest way to find in storefront: when searching tunes for the bentley search up most downloaded and its right at the top


HP: 860
Torque: 801 lbs ft
Weight: 2012 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Alrighty for this review Im reviewing another R1 car as I havent done one for a while and the car Im reviewing is quite an uncommon car in Forza , the Bentley Spd 8. Now the Spd 8 was a le mans prototype race car that was designed to win the well known 24 hrs of le mans debuting in 2001 and finally winning it in 2003. Now I really wanted to get a review done as this was probably my favorite car in Gran Turismo 4. In the world of Forza the Bentley Spd8 are very uncommon and forgotten car, a problem that many R class cars have. Although in real life its a le mans legend in Forza it sadly doesn’t live up to its reputation and despite the higher speed stat in comparison to other R1 cars , many tunes I tried only hit 241mph. I even had a go of tuning but just couldn’t break past 240mph. So le mans was out of the picture for this car so I decided to have a go in several of the grip tunes and I was in for more than just a surprise.

So onto the tune I picked this tune due its very impressive combination of speed and handling. The description of the tune said it could out handle the Audi R10 and Peugeot 908 and I didnt think it was true as the speed 8 only has 8.4 handling and braking and after taking out for a spin while Im not sure if it out handles them as I rarely drive the R10 or the 908 but I will admit the tune definitely is no joke as the handling is just insane. The tune must have squeezed out as much oversteer as possible as the Tune for the Bentley handles just as well as many of my R1 cars (Audi R15, Audi R10 and the 908). The Bentley is backed up by its formidable speed. The Spd 8 is powered by the 3.6 litre turbocharged V8 used in the Audi R8 LMP car which produces an impressive 860 hp and has a top speed of 216 mph.

best times I got out of this tune

Iberian reverse – #276 – :00:39.625

New york – #280 – :00:50.611

Sunset club reverse: – #400 – :00:46.189

Sedona Club Reverse: – #333 – :00:53.031

Camino extreme reverse – #309 – :02:09.103

Now the Bentley does cost a fairly big 1.5 million and the tune costs 20K so getting a Spd8 would be difficult. The Spd 8 like most if not all R1 cars requires TCS to be effective otherwise its will just spinning out due to snap oversteer at low speeds

So overall I think if you are looking for a new competative R1 car to get I would suggest getting a Bentley Spd8. This car is probably my favorite R1 if not my favorite car in the game