Car: 07 Honda Civic

Class: B

Racing Style: circuit medium tracks

created by: olo James olo

Price: 10000

Notes; cool paint for the civic in the same storefront

Easiest way to find in storefront: search up autoart B class 07 Honda civic


HP: 288
Torque: 193 lbs ft
Weight: 2516 lbs
Drivetrain: FWD

Car cost: 17000
Tune cost: 10000
Tune parts cost: 59,580
total cost: 86580

Well for this review Im reviewing another B class FWD Honda and this time Im reviewing the eighth generation Honda Civic. like many of the FWD Honda the 07 Civic is a cheap car and is blessed with a good balanced combination of speed and handling making it a good contender for medium sized tracks such as Camino Full.

Now onto the tune when looking at its performance index you will notice the very healthy combo of acceleration, handling and braking. When taking this car around the bends of Iberian I was expecting the dreaded understeer to kick in as Ive tested many B class FWDs that have that problem but after coming out of turn one I was surprised to feel little to no understeer. Its very stable and balanced around most turns. Hairpin turns like the one on Suzuka are this tunes main nemesis as the understeer is definitely felt if you floor it.

Speedwise the cars acceleration does most of the talking as the cars comes out of turns like a rocket thanks to its impressive 6.0 acceleration. It will accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds and I managed to to hit 167mph down the old Mulsane straight which is oddly higher than what it said in the benchmark which said its top speed was 158mph. Its 4-Cylinder engine produces 288 BHP

When is came to public lobbies I only did two races as I hadly ever race in them these days. The race was set on Mugello Full one of my least favorite tracks as the track has always been bad luck for me. In the lobby it was mostly pro ranks in unsurprisingly 4WD subarus and evos. The low launch held up the civic off the line but it to my surprise caught up and managed to keep up with many of the drivers but mugellos bad luck kicked in as I got stuck behind a guy in Evo driving M Rossi style. When going in for the pass the Evo swerved to the side of the civic spinning it out but the Evo went off the track as well. I manged to evade the Evo but didnt finished to race due to a champion in the S5 refusing to wait at the finishing line.

The seconds race produced much better results (although there was a bit of luck involved due to quite a few aggressive drivers) coming 2nd to on Camino full reverse against a mix of different ranks (from beginners to champion ranks) and nothing but 4WD LB cars. I had TCS on to counter the understeer for the hairpin. After once again having a sluggish start I caught up overtaking when people did mistakes and narrowly avoided a Audi S5 spinning out on the last turn on lap one. The civic definitely proved to be an effective lobby car as many of its laps times rivaled the 4WDs Very Happy There is a replay of the race on my SF for proof.

New York reverse – #293 – 01:06.051

Sedona Club Reverse – #312 – 01:11.264

Iberian Reverse – #661 – 00:53.805

Camino Full Reverse – #496 – 01:06.758

Camino extreme reverse – #195 – 02:45.460

The cars main weakness as mention above are hairpin turns but the car can also be unstable when turning at very high speeds. The Civic tune like many FWDs is sluggish off the starting line and the front tires hate up at a far quicker a problem that many FWDs cars have.

Overall I would say this FWD Civic is a must if you are looking for a competitive non 4WD hatch back I would suggest this tune as its quick and definetly a blast to drive.