Tune was requested by turtletime74

Car: BMW 135i

Class: B

Racing Style: circuit short – medium tracks (but is at its best on short)

created by: Turtletime said it was made by one of his friends DBF2KILLER I think

Price: ?????


HP: 300
Torque: 300 lbs ft
Weight: 3080 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Ok time for the next review and for this one Im doing 2 different car in 2 different classes, A BMW 135i tune that I was requested to review and the Lotus Esprit from the give em a chance blog as it caught my my interest. So starting off the 135i or the “mini M3” as I call it is a non aero B500 tune. While I like the 135i T10 like many cars I like havent showed much love to the 135i as its a very tricky car to tune in comparison to many of the other BMWs Ive tried out mainly because T10 gave average speed and less handling in comparison to lets say a M3 E46.

Now onto the tune when looking at its performance index it looks decent at a glance. When on the track the tuner definitely did a nice Job on the handling as its non aero but produces NSX like grip and is very stable no matter what speed I put it at. The tune will show little over/understeer and even with no assists. The car seems to struggle on the straights however which really hurts it on medium tracks as I struggled to hit solid times with it after numerous attempts. I compared it to many B class RWD cars with similar top speed and acceleration and the 135i always seemed to fall behind on the quarter and half mile. Its 6 cylinder produces 300hp and will accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 171 mph according to the benchmark. I also compared to other RWD cars with similar speed/acceleration and noticed that the 135i has a higher top speed which mean that it is likely that using a sport/race transmission a lot of acceleration was lost to get a higher top speed. I would suggest dropping down the top speed to get more acceleration out of the 135i as Top isnt to much of a an issue on medium tracks. I oddly found this tune more competitive on short tracks compared to medium track even though its non aero.

lapstimes I got out of this tune

Rally di positano reverse – #250 – 06:20.151

Fujimi Kaido – #565 – 08:25.557

Amalfi full reverse – #1291 – 01.02.404

Ladera mini – #935 – 00:26.478

Overall I think the 135i is spot on when It comes to handling but its lack of acceleration on the straights will hurt it compared to other RWD B class cars.


Car: Lotus esprit

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit medium tracks

created by: x8eleven

Price: 5000


HP: 465
Torque: 339 lbs ft
Weight: 2697 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Now onto the next tune which is the Lotus Esprit that appeared in the give em a chance blog. The lotus esprit is a bit different compared to other lotuses mainly because the fact that it isnt a pure handling car like the elise and the exige etc. In forza the esprit is definitely a underrated car as it can have some strong handling and speed. I decided to review this esprit as it caught my eye and also because of good memories of driving and dominating with it in Midnight club 3 Smile.

Now onto the tune at a glance it has a solid combo of speed and handling. On the track the launches off the line pretty quickly for a RWD and like the 135i the esprit has plenty of grip although the back at times can come out at low speeds when changing gears. As for speed the Esprit accelerates quickly and steadily until I hit 5th gear (at around 155mph) where its acceleration slows down to a crawl which hurts this car on longer straights like the nurburgring. The Esprit tune seems to be stuck within the borders between long and medium tracks as I found it at its best on medium sized tracks that have a mix of straights and turns such as new york full (though it will still hit some top 1%s on many medium tracks). Its V8 engines gives out 465 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and I managed to just push it to a top speed of 195 down the old Mulsane straight.

some lap times by this tune

New york reverse – #556 – 01:03.289

Camino extreme – #1148 – 02:41.995

Iberian full reverse – #1149 – 00:52.719

Sidewinder D – #735 – 00:49.244

Overall I think its a decent tune but I think the Esprit is better suited for medium tracks instead of long speed tracks So I would suggest equipping it with aero to increase its effectiveness on medium tracks.