Car: Lamborghini Gallardo

Class: A

Racing Style: circuit short-medium tracks

created by: TGM Overlord

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: search up red bull lambo as that is what the title of the tune is

Thread on FMnet on the tune:

Speed: 7.0

HP: 536
Torque: 376 lbs ft
Weight: 3358 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 115000
Tune cost: 10000
Tune parts cost: 82740
total cost: 207,740 CR

Well Ive been finding a lot of nice non AWD cars in different classes and on different cars during the weekend and for this review Im starting with a RWD lambo Ive had for a while and is one of my favorite RWD A class cars as of now. The Gallardo named after a famous breed of fighting bull, is Lamborghini’s most-produced model to date, with over 10,000 built in its first seven years of production. Now the Gallardo similar to the Murcielago uses the 4WD drivetrain loathed by many of us in Forza but T10 unlike most 4WD cars gave the Gallardo (as well as many Lambos) a RWD conversion and made it almost as competitive as they are when 4WD (giving a + 0.1 handling, +0.3 acceleration, +0.7 launch and +0.1 braking for 1 PI point!!!)

So onto the tune when glancing at its PI you will notices the very impressive 6.4 handling and 6.6 braking and unlike many A class cars that have access to this amount of handling/braking the gallardo have good speed and acceleration to match at 7.0 and 6.6. On the track the good ol Lambo performs just as well as its performance index says so as the car has nothing but INSANE grip and handling and braking showing great balanced and stable cornering ability. Due to the godly grip you can tame this beast with no assists very easily.

Speedwise the cars has decent combo of speed and acceleration will get it around most medium tracks and around short tracks no problem but its mainly the handling that pushes this car to the top. Its doesnt quite have the speed to be competitive tracks such as the Nurburgring but its already quick on a wide selection of tracks to make up for it. The centrifugal supercharged V10 powering this car gives out 536 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of 180mph

When it comes to online Ive only driven the Lambo in one race but It proved to be very competitive against a pro 24 in a 4WD Porsche (cant remember which one) on Catalunya full, keeping up with it up its tail through out the race but couldnt overtake it on the straight due the Porsche’s superior power. The Lambo when hot lapping will be competitive on short tracks such as Rally di positano to medium tracks like Iberian and it also good on Maple Valley.

some lap times

Iberian reverse – #383 – 00:51.369

Camino Viejo reverse – #537 – 01:03.964

Road Atlanta Club – #670 – 00:56.044

Sedona club – #752 – 01:08.357

Ladera full reverse – #534 – 00:50.079

The cars only weakness as said is its lack of power on the longer straights. Its also not to cheap of a car at 207,740 CR for the car,tune and parts put all together

Overall I would say if you like Lambo and RWD and I would suggest giving this Gallardo a shot. I just wished there were more RWDs like it.