Car: 69 Camaro

Class: D

Racing Style: circuit medium tracks

created by: X HOT WHEELS X

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: search up “R&NTUNING69D” as that is what the title of the tune is

Speed: 4.8
Acceleration: 5.0
launch: 3.9

HP: 311
Torque: 295 lbs ft
Weight: 3522 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 31000
Tune cost: 10000
Tune parts cost: 46100
total cost: 86,100 CR

Alrighty another RWD review and for this one Im reviewing some good ol RWD American Muscle and the Muscle car for this one is the classic first generation Camaro Z28. Now Muscle cars with the exception of 4WD converted and wheelies and at times drifting struggle to be competitive due to their low handling and grip. Many muscle cars have a lot of acceleration but many tend to lack speed. The Camaro SS is one of my favorite muscle cars but sadly T10 made it a unicorn cars but thankfully made the Z28 available.

Now onto the tune I picked up a few tunes for the Camaro including this one but many of them suffered from the problems mention above but when I took this tune I was very surprised by the good grip and fairly decent handling. The tune will show little understeer and will rarely oversteer enough to get the back end to come out making this car drivable without assists very easily.

Speedwise its mainly the Camaros decent acceleration does most of the talking as its top speed sadly isn’t the highest which shreds this cars hopes of being a strong car for tracks for lets say Sunset Peninsula or Nurburgring. The Centrifugal supercharged V8 powering the Camaro gives out 311 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds and has a top speed of 146mph.

In the online lobbies I only did one race which was oddly enough had more RWD and FWDs than 4WDs. I managed to come 2nd out of 8th on mugello which is where the camaro isnt to competitive at due to its average handling but I think it wasn’t to be for a RWD muscle cars. The Camaro is at its best on New York and Camino extreme

lap times

Camino Extreme Reverse – #423 – 02:59.130

Camino Full reverse – #655 – 01:12.535

New York Full – #317 – 01:11.325

New York Full Reverse – #283 – 01:10.982

Silverstone National circuit -#1054 – 01:04.733

As said above the Camaro’s lack of speed will hurt it on the straights and it doesn’t have the best handling for smaller tracks. Its also got a very low launch and the tire spin off the line does take its time so this car may fall behind at the starting line

Overall I like it as competitive RWD Muscles cars are rare in the world of Forza. If you are hunting down some competitive RWD Muscle I would suggest giving this tune a try