Car: Koenigsegg CCX

Class: R3

Racing Style: Le mans and new york old

created by: db9d9

Price: Free Very Happy

Easiest way to find in storefront: Most downloaded at the very top.

notes: TCS is recommended, Requires Stigs Garage Car pack

Speed: 9.9
Acceleration: 8.5
launch: 7.7

HP: 971
Torque: 775 lbs ft
Weight: 2622 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 550,000
parts cost: 190K ish
Tune cost: free
Total cost: around 740,000 cr

Well for this review Im doing a review on a special car the Koenigsegg CCX. I was lucky to win a code as T10 unexpectedly gave out Stig’s garage codes to everyone who took part in a Stig’s garage photo comp a Few weeks back. Its been a few weeks now and I decided to start with my favorite of the 3 cars. The Koenigsegg CCX is quite a well known car due to it being one of the few during its time that could crack through the 250mph barrier and the CCX is the only car that the Stig struggled to tame during its power lap on on the top gear test track.

Now onto the tune when trying to tune one of these the highest amount of handling you can squeeze out is 6.7 ish which is pretty low even for the likes of tracks like nurburgring which limits this car to le mans. Thankfully the CCX is very good at what it does best pure speed. Now onto the tune while it has 9.9 speed the Koenigsegg can still break through the 250mph barrier pretty easily. On the track the car is a wild animal to tame without TCS as a result you will want TCS on to get the best out of it. While like all Le mans tuned car its handling isnt brilliant but makes up for it with its fomidable speed. When comparing this to my other Le mans R3’s (SSC Ultimate Aero and TVR Cerbera Spd 12) the CCX coped a lot better on the turns in comparison (with TCS on). The supercharged V8 powering this monster gives out and incredible 971 horse power and will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and when driving down the Old Mulsane straight I managed to hit 258mph

New York old Reverse – #168 – 00:51.601

New york old – #259 – 00:51.565

Le mans Full – #295 – 03:39.006

Le mans old mulsane – #241 – 03:16.215

The CCX however doe require a lot to drive it. First its part of the Stigs garage car pack which is pretty hard to obtain as Its exclusive to the Forza Ultimate edition (though FM net do have contests at times with codes as the prize.) Then the CCX costs ovver 500k for the car and over 190k for the parts for the tune and last you will want TCS on to keep this car under control.

overall I think its a nice alternative to lets say the SSC Ultimate Aero if you have access to the car pack which will hopefully come out as downloadable DLC like the VIP car pack in the Future.