Car: Mazda RX-7 FD

Class: C

Racing Style: Circuit

created by: Cpt nemo71

Price: 20000

Easiest way to find in storefront: highest reted , the tune is titled “mini x2”

notes: cool paint in same SF

Speed: 6.7
Acceleration: 5.0
launch: 6.3

HP: 261
Torque: 217 lbs ft
Weight: 2828lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 18,000
Tune cost:20,000
parts cost: 39,060
total cost: 77,060

Well for this next review Im taking a break from from the expensive car and this time reviewing a cheap and quite a well known RWD car that has made appearances in many racing games, from games such as the NFS series to Forza 3 , the Mazda RX-7. As many know the RX7 is well know as a fine and popular car for drifting both in real life and in Forza. In forza 3 the RX7 is normally used for drifting but it does pack a punch as the car can be used for handling and speed with ease and has strong grip for a RWD.

Now onto the tune, now most tunes Ive tested and seen are aero equipped and designed for short and medium tracks. This tune takes a different approach and comes into the spotlight without aero but still is tuned with a bit of handling and taking advantage of the RX7 pretty nice speed stat. On the track the RX7 is incredibly easy to drive. It is very smooth around the bends and has NSX like grip and plenty of acceleration down the straights. The RX7 is very easy to tame even with no assists. Despite the great handling the RX7at its best on medium track. During a last minute test drive of the car before writing this review, the RX-7 proved to be a good nurburgring car as it bet my current record (though it will fall behind on the straights). The 2-rotor engine under the hood gives out 261 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60mph in 5 seconds and has a top speed of 178 mph down the Old Mulsane straight

New York Reverse – #261 – 01:08.473

Iberian Reverse – #432 – 00:55.683

Camino Extreme – #424 – 02:52.887

Sunset Full reverse – #456 – 01:38.307

New york Full – #689 – 01:09:654

Nurburgring Full – #311 – 08:17.867

Other than its low power compared to other cars tuned for medium tracks there isnt much wrong with the tune

If your looking a an RX7 tune that is something different from the usual tunes I wuold suggest giving this tune a try. Overall I think it is a fantastic car to drive