Car:Porsche 996 GT3

Class: A

Racing Style: Circuit long tracks

created by: Electric M0NEY

Price: 5000

Easiest way to find in storefront: highest rated and the tune is titled “A Class RWD”

Speed: 8.1
Acceleration: 7.1
launch: 7.9

HP: 480
Torque: 344 lbs ft
Weight: 3125lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 65000
Tune cost:5000
parts cost: 122,600
total cost: 187,600

Alrighty time for the next review and this Im reviewing one of my favorite Porsche the GT3 996. The GT3 the high performance version of the 911 is quite well known for its successful racing career both in the one make national Porsche Carrera Cup series, the international Porsche Supercup and also winning numerous championship and endurance races including the GT class of the American Le Mans Series seven times, the 24 Hours of Daytona outright and the 24 Hours Nürburgring five times. In Forza the 996 like many Porsche’s in Forza is a quick and light RWD but like most Porsche’s is plagued by the dreaded 4WD swap.

Now onto the tune when glancing at its Performance index, the GT3 has a healthy combo of speed and handling. On the track ,the GT3 is glued to the road and the back end will rarely come out. The Porsche is backed up by its formidable speed and acceleration, it will fly down the straights. Due to the fact it is rear engined the GT3 thanks to the extra weight on the rear wheels will launch off the line at a quicker pace in comparison to most RWDs. The Porsche is best suited for longer tracks such as Nurburgring as it is a bit sluggish on Hairpin turns which are common. The 6-cylinder engine powering this car gives out 480 BHP and will accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of 208mph

Nurburgring: #789 – 07:39.818

New York Reverse: #319 – 01:02.522 (could’ve done better as I messed up on turn one)

Sunset Reverse: #483 – 00:58.219

Camino Extreme reverse – #537 – 02:39.305

Now despite this car being very good there are a few annoying problems. First it isnt cheap, seconds it has a habit of rolling over when going over bumps especially on Nuburgring and 3rd it can be oversteery at high speeds. The car also has a short 1st gear which can get annoying when going around turns like hairpins.

Overall though I would say despite the above problems the Porsche GT3 tune is a solid RWD tune for A class Addicts