Car was requested by AnagileLlama

Car:Enzo Ferrari

Class: R3

Racing Style: Circuit long tracks

created by: ogami42

Price: 10000

Easiest way to find in storefront: highest rated and the tune is titled “R3FXXDESTROYER”

Speed: 8.7
Acceleration: 8.7
launch: 8.0

HP: 711
Torque: 529 lbs ft
Weight: 2501 lbs
Drivetrain: RWD

Car cost: 1,300,000
Tune cost: 10,000
parts cost: 59,200
total cost: 1,369.200

Well for this review I was requested to review a non Aero tune for the Legendary Ferrari Enzo. The Enzo was originally going to be called the F60 as it was meant to be the Successor to the F50 but Ferrari were so proud of it that they named after the companies Founder Enzo Ferrari. The Enzo was only sold to existing customers especailly those who previously bough the F40 and F50. Thankfully in Forza you don’t need any invitations to purchase a Enzo but it does come at a steep price of 1,300,000 CR to purchase. In Forza the Enzo sadly is stuck in R3 with S class stats with little handling upgrades making speed the only route.

Now onto the Tune as guessed from its performance index speed is this cars specialty. On the track the Enzo is drivable without assists but as with many R class cars its snap oversteer when shifting gears can get on anybody’s nerves so TCS is recommended. With TCS the Enzo handles ok but its mainly the speed that does most of the work. The Enzo shines on Nurburgring and Sunset Club where is decent speed and handling combo gives it the edge over other cars. The V12 powering the Enzo gives out 711 horsepower and will accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 223mph

lap times

Nurburgring – #854 – 07.02.697 (could have done better)

New York Reverse – #250 – 00:57.066

Sunset club – #837 – 00:52.993

Sunset Club Reverse – #404 – 00:52.482

Whiles its quick on the straights I found the Car unstable at high speeds on Nurburgring due to the lack of aero. It is also not a cheap car at 1,300,000

Overall I think its a solid Non aero tune but I must say I was disappointed with the Enzo in Forza T10 haven’t put much love into it like they did with the FXX. If the Enzo was usable in S class I reckon it would be very competative.