Car: Dodge STR4

Class: C FWD

Racing Style: Circuit medium tracks

created by: Ted1381

Price: 10000

Notes: cool paint for it in the same SF

Easiest way to find in storefront: search C class and its 2nd highest rated

Speed: 6.1
Handling: 5.3
Acceleration: 5.5
launch: 5.5

HP: 330
Torque: 310 lbs ft
Weight: 2966 lbs
Drivetrain: FWD

So the SRT4 Im taking a look at a FWD tune which in my opinion takes the role of the jack of all trades.

So the Dodge SRT4 is a sport compact car manufactured by Dodge from 2003-2005. A turbocharged variant of the Neon. It won numerous awards including

* Car and Driver magazine’s 2005 John Lingenfelter Memorial Trophy

* Was one of “Eight Great Rides” as decided by Sport Compact Car magazine (SCC) in 2003, 2004, and 2005 – all three years the SRT-4 was produced.

* Named the 2003 Car of the Year by SCC.

It was also quite the successful racer as in SCCA ProRally racing, the SRT-4 (and more recently the ACR version) has dominated the Group 5 (2WD) class since 2003.In just its first year competing, the Dodge ended the stranglehold that the FWD DSMs and Volkswagens had on the class. With three competing the following year, the SRT-4 won every 2004 series race and end-of-season award. The SRT-4 has won every Group 5 and 2-Wheel-Drive class championship in US ProRally and Sno Drift since 2003, and its unprecedented dominance in 2004 helped Dodge earn its first US ProRally Manufacturers Championship in 28 years.

So enough of me rambling on about the car in real life and now onto the car in FM3. Like many Dodges, T10 thought it would be funny to 4WD convert another Dodge. Thankfully this didn’t result in another LB car. I decided to take a look at the SRT4 after Rockon2Dawn suggested it. It wasn’t easy finding a promising looking FWD as it was mostly 4WDs but I eventually found a very highly rated C class FWD when looking about the SF.

So onto the tune its stats are very similar to the speed tuned Seat Leon 2010 I reviewed awhile back. Its got decent speed and acceleration at 6.1 and 5.5 and handling/braking is fairly low at 6.3 each.

So things aren’t looking brilliant for the SRT4 however it does perform very well on the track despite its PI looking average. Its got a lot of acceleration on the straights and fairly decent speed (though there are many cars that can out run this. When it comes to handling, the SRT4 is a lot better than one would think . It being a FWD results in a very slow launch but the car has a lot of grip and enters turns extremely well enough for it to be useable on medium tracks. The car does have stability issues at high speed due to the lack of aero and its brakes aren’t the highest which hurts it on shorter tracks. This car is a very fun to drive jack of all trade but is a master one none in my opinion. It performs well on mediums but is useable on shorter tracks if needed and can be used as a nurburgring car. The SRT4 is power by a V6 which gives out 330 horses to the front wheels and it will accelerate from 0-60 within 4.7 seconds and has a top speed of 167mph

Dodge STR4 times
Iberian R – #654 – 00:56.055
Nurburgring – #647 – 08:24.337
New york – #516 – 01:09.112
Camino extreme – #367 – 02:52.275 (though its tricky to get a certified time at the chicane on the straight)
Overall as mentioned it’s a suitable, cheap, reliable jack of all trades as it can get around most tracks in one piece but it’s a master of none thus there are stronger performing 2WD cars out there but its definetly a fun ride to add to anyones garage