Vehicle ejections kill, so buckle up and read some seat belt safety facts. Seat belts can save lives so make sure to always buckle up when you get into a car.

Do you always buckle up? Whether in the back seat of a full car, in a quick cab ride, or behind the wheel, are you always clicking your safety belt shut?

We aren’t all doing it – according to Transport USA, some citizens are still riding in their vehicles without a seat belt.

Rehabilitative care for someone who has been injured in a vehicle crash takes months or years, not to mention the toll a serious injury can take on your life, as well as those of your family and friends.

But not wearing your seat belt also puts more than your safety at risk – being caught unbuckled nets you a fine up to multiple hundred dollars, demerit points on your driving record and may result in a boost to your insurance rates.

“Beyond being a choice that is against the law, deciding not to buckle up can be a fatal decision,” said Mauro Convertini, insurance expert at Aviva America. “It’s a fact, seat belts save lives and greatly reduce serious injury. Even for the simple reason that they keep passengers from being ejected from the vehicle, which increases chances of fatality.”

Consider the following tips the next time you buckle up:

• Don’t Share:

A seat belt is only effective when one person is using it. This is true for both children and adults.

• Use The Shoulder Belt As A Shoulder Belt:

This belt should not be worn under the arm but rather across the chest.

• Tighten Across The Hips:

Tighten the belt to ensure that it does not fall or slip if the driver needs to make a sudden stop.