Small and Fun! Wait....this is a Fiat?

The upcoming 2011 New York International Auto Show will see yet another car in the Fiat line up meant for the US market- the 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio- “just in time for spring”.

Not a coupe, not a convertible. The 500 Cabrio combines the appeal of a drop top model with a seating capacity of four to present a beauty that passengers can opt in for an open-air luxury for speeds up to 60 mph at a meagre push of a button. The car incorporates a power-operated dual-layer cloth top that might remind one of the famous similar one on the Nuova Cinquecento, and for which the customer can choose from among three different shades as well.

The 500 Cabrio decided to keep the fully framed side windows from the 500 Coupe to which it resembles rather stoutly. Though Fiat is yet to announce an official date for its release, the 500 Cabrio will be offered in 14 body paints, 12 different seat colors and material combinations and the option of two interior environments to set the desired ambience.

There is still no news on the pricing or the performance specifications, but the launch date of the 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio is not too far away so we can expect the little titbits to keep coming. Stay tuned for more on the dainty wonder.