David Pericak, Chief Engineer of Ford’s Mustang

I had the pleasure of interviewing David over the phone this past week, and it was amazing! This man is in charge of developing the iconic American “Pony Car” that muscle heads and octane-lovers dream of. Well, shall we get into the questions?

Mr. Pericak, what changes have you made to the Mustang franchise since you have became the chief engineer?

Well, first I had to look at the current year we had and decide on how to make it different. Not change it, but just add to it, or make it more special than the year before. The biggest addition is the 5.0 Coyote engine that was introduced, brining back the TRUE 5.0L that the customers have been yearning for. 

 Next, we brought on the 2011 Mustang. This was the first year when any Mustang, actually….ANY CAR, has achieved 31 MPG while having a 305 horsepower engine. This, when first released, was considered to have been the work of automotive gods. That was just the V6.

The V8 was the true “money-maker.” This engine received the true 5.0 L V8 pushing out the 412 horsepower, AND 26 MPG highway. If that wasn’t crazy, I don’t know what is.

Finally, most recently, we have added the 2012 302 Boss Edition, which has 444 horsepower. This model also comes with the track-oriented edition, the 302 Boss Laguna Seca.”

Where did the Mustang in you first come out?

Well, my first Mustang was a 2000 Mustang GT convertible. I loved that car. I still remember everything about it, partly because I still own it. Now, I have a ’68 that I am currently restoring. Speaking of the 68′, that is where a lot of the more recent designs of the Mustang came from. It was about going back to a similar design of that time period, which worked out extremely well. 

Every since my first Mustang, I’ve been diagnosed with Mustang fever.

What do you think will be your next step with the Mustang?

-I can’t say too much about what we are planning, however fuel economy is a huge factor. Ford has been experimenting with the EcoBoost engines, which have paid off very well. I hope to increase aero-efficiency on the Mustang, and possibly look into different areas of shaving weight, while still keeping structural integrity with a well-balanced car. 

Thank you for your time Mr. Pericak. We hope to hear from you again, and keep those Mustangs coming!!

Will do, thanks for having me.